14ft EDGE PRO 2.0

14ft EDGE PRO 2.0



If speed is your game the the EDGE PRO 2.0 is going to make your need for speed dreams come true.

Something very new is here for the EDGE PRO 2.0, a board that will glide with crazy ease, turn like a dream and still handle everyday conditions. The Edge pro 2.0 is built or flat water but don't be fooled as if you are good enough this board will take you far beyond your flat water dreams.

THE NOSE: When we talk about sexy noses SUP race boards might not be at the top of the list, well that is until now! The EDGE PRO 2.0 just oozzes sexy all day long, something you just want to run your hand over to really feel how good a tip can be. It slices through the blissful waters with ease and has that special ability to put ones rider in a trace.

THE MID SECTION: Once all that sexiness has past the nose it hits the mid section, this is where the rider can really get a good grip on things and really put there hips into a power thrust of a stroke, the single concave allows for maximum stability while riding something they might have once thought well out of their league.

THE REAR END(Tail): Having worked yourself into a slippy mess by the time the water gets to this point it would be a shame to ruin all that mid section thrusting with a sticky rear end so we have made sure the nothing will stick as it flows past this perfectly formed end section, with curves to rival the Kardashians you will rest easy knowing that what is underneath is going to do its job plus more.

But it does not end here as above this perfectly formed slippery hull we have the wings you all once wanted to earn, as you move you weight further to the pure sexy rear end these wings will engage and help stabilise any wild thrusts as you drive her into a turn.


The EDGE PRO 2.0 is a board that is built for speed, it is a board that has unmatched glide and the longer the paddle goes for the better it gets. The EDGE PRO 2.0 is unique to the market with a lot of features that you will not find in other boards everything has been well thought out and its a board that has a very high performance level and a finished quality that you deserve and should expect.


14 x 21.5” Weight, 10kg approx

14 x 23.5” Weight, 10.3kg approx

Standard Carbon skin

14 x 21.5 x not as light as Hollow but nothing else really is.

14 x 23.5 x not as light as Hollow but nothing else really is.

14 x 25.5 x not as light as Hollow but nothing else really is.

Or pre-order and custom size your own.

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