7'11 DOWNWIND FOIL BOARD (Old Graffics)

7'11 DOWNWIND FOIL BOARD (Old Graffics)

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7'11 x 31" x 4.7" 158.9L

1 LEFT in Old Graffics

Big yet still small. Comfort and usability for the larger rider or new foiler without compromising performance.

Super stable and still super responsive. Featuring chimed rails and a modest tail kick this board is easy to paddle, get up on the foil and then stay there. Our top of the line moulded, pvc and pvc carbon technologies keep this board super light keeping you out above the water longer.

What ever your size or ability the 7'11 will get you down winding or surf foiling in no time.


Twin US box for track mount
Deep tuttle box
Foot strap inserts
Full ledge handle
Micro dots and diamond, premium deck pad

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