14ft STORM 2.0

14ft STORM 2.0

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Introducing the NEW - STORM 2.0 and now also in HOLLOW

The Storm 2.0, this has taken 2 long years of consistent testing to find a board that has the amazing feel of the current Storm but also has some extra benefits that we feel can take the STORM to the next level in both performance and usability.


14 x 23 @273L (HOLLOW construction available)

14 x 24 @285L

14 x 24.5 @291L (Hollow construction available)

14 x 25 @297L

14 x 26 @309L (HOLLOW construction available)

14 x 28 @327L (HOLLOW construction available)

12’6 x 24 @274L

12’6 x 26 @297L

Custom widths are also available.

What makes the STORM 2.0 SO GOOD and what is the difference between STORM 1.0 and STORM 2.0

Nose out line is a little wider so the STORM 2.0 slides over the bumps instead of pushing into them.

Increased volume in the tail, this is only a little increase but gives the board a much more stable feel when stepping back and allows you to trim the board better as it will not pitch so much with small movements when you are walking around on the board.

Slightly wider tail outline, this along with the small volume increase in the tail allows you to step back without sinking the tail and making the board easier to turn.

Reduced nose volume, we have taken the dome of the top of the nose which has helped to reduce the boards overall volume. The dome worked ok to help clear some water but was never perfect at keeping water out of the cockpit but now with the ONE splash guards this is no longer a problem and for the rougher water a splash guard is key and does a far better job that doming the deck could ever do. So we removed the dome and now recommend that if you are going to use a STORM 2.0 in very rough conditions a ONE splash guard would be a great investment.

The Storm 2.0 can be used without the splash guard as well no worries but if you do want the top end performance then it is very handy.

Bottom Shape, We have added slightly more tail rocker to the STORM 2.0, this has allowed it to surf far better once you do decide you have to step back and by doing this it feels more responsive to back foot pressure.

Construction,  the Storm comes in our Standard Carbon Construction or our Elite Carbon Construction. The standard carbon is still our excellent lightweight and tough construction but if your after that extra light weight advantage then the Elite Carbon will save you that little bit extra in weight.

And now the STORM 2.0 is available in the HOLLOW construction, this construction is by far the lightest on the market and very strong but where the HOLLOW really stands out is performance, Blog Link Below on HOLLOW


Storm 2.0:
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