Our ONE Story...

Welcome to ONE…

So you are on our website checking us out and some may know who we are and others might have no idea.

For those that know us we guess it is a little easier to to understand what ONE is about.

Jacko, Steve and Ben Testing Boards in Currumbin Creek / ONE HQ


For those that might be on our site for the very first time and reading about ONE we hope the below Story gives you a understanding of Who we are, What we are about and Want to achieve. 

Our Story…. So where did ONE Ocean sports come from and what is it all about? Well we guess we are just like many others that start a small business and the enticement doing something we love and from the very beginning this was a big part of why we started ONE.

With both Jacko and myself having travelled the world paddling and racing and being involved with every level of paddling from the very start of the sport. We started out by paddling on a big old borrowed 11ft sup board over 12 years ago, then fast forward to now - current time and we are involved in the sport at the highest level, winning World Titles for Racing and travelling the world. We have seen many things in our travels and see what has worked and what has not.

We are a quality based brand and this is something we feel can get a little lost these days, it's easy to get sucked into the race to the bottom for any business and where the quality gets lost for profits. This is NOT ONE!! We are not interested in how we can make a product cheaper. If it means any form of step backwards in quality or performance then we are not interested! 

The word got out pretty fast that ONE were producing amazing SUP boards and we started growing all over the world. However compared to the Big Brands we are still Small but we never think Small. We do everything ourselves, we don’t employ anyone else, so when you see a spelling mistake on our Post’s, email’s or on our Website it has most probably come from Angie OOPPS sorry. Sometimes things can get crazy for us as we do take everything on ourselves. We are not a big corporate company and most probably will never be as we love the sport to much and we put back in to Board Development and technology some would say too much but that is what we do. We love paddling and bringing you only the best gear.

Taking ONE Global has been our best achievement



The story with ONE OCEAN SPORTS is more than Angie and Jacko who are the founders it is about making products that stand out from the rest and have the love and care put into every board you would expect . Our Business partners are also involved in racing, foiling and also work in their own companies outside of ONE, you all have most probably met them before too.

Not many people know our backgrounds. Jacko worked hard as a Labourer working the standard 5 or 6 days per week outside. Angie worked for a Large Fast Food company (some would say also pretty overweight) and worked her way up to regional manager but this lifestyle for both was never going to last and at the age of about 30 it all changed. We were also professional kitesurfers for many years, Jacko even Winning Australia Wave Titles but then we stood up n a SUP board!!! Our life changed, we loved it!!! Big old 11ft board, surfing and cruising in the Flats. We were hooked, the rest is history..

Ben Tardrew our designer is who we believe to be one of the best board designers in the world. A family guy with Twins and has spent many years Top level sailing and just loves to make boards go fast. Ben lives 1km away from ONE HQ in Currumbin so quite often you will even find the Twins here with Ben hanging out.

Ben Tardrew - on one of the first 12’6 EVO boards we did


For us going into season 2019 we are working to have a full production range of boards that are either Moulded PVC sandwich or full Moulded hollow boards, this will make the ONE range of boards unbeatable in the areas that get a little lost by many brands these days. We are making boards that will last they will handle the everyday paddling that you will want to be doing on the boards we make. Our boards maybe some of the lightest on the market but in no way are they fragile and this is a big part of the future for ONE.

We understand people do not want a board that they have to carry around in cotton wool and this is why all ONE boards are made to last and how you expect they should. This is the story of the ONE brand a brand as we think more about the customer than most, we are also a rider based brand from the very core and everyone involved in ONE has a passion for the sports we do. 

ONE is a bunch of frothing ocean sport riders bringing to you the Best products, we will never be Rich but we are making a living of what we love doing and it show’s in our products.

We have not had it easy and upon starting ONE we poured every single cent we had saved into starting our business, still to this day we do the same. To us it doesn’t feel like it as we Love the Sport and we are doing what we love BOUNS! We are fitness freaks and have great work ethics, love racing and all things ocean.

Storm 2.0

Our beautiful STORM 2.0 - HOLLOW

Our beautiful STORM 2.0 - HOLLOW

Always working on Technology… this board is something special. Stay Tuned..

We now have a international Headquarters based at the paddling mecca Currumbin on the Gold Coast. You can find ONE in most countries around the world and the list is growing all the time. We are busy, we work 7 days per week but we don’t let ourselves get caught up in the Office 9 - 5 job, if someone wants to go Paddle, Foil or Go surf we Go.

So take your marks and let’s GO!!

The Story of ONE is not so much in the past it's about the future and where we are headed. 

So are you coming along for the Ride with us cos it’s going to be a good ONE (see what i did there lol