We offer Australia Freight Coverage for FREE for the following:

  • Up to 11ft Boards FREE $100 towards your freight

  • Over 11ft Boards FREE $200 towards your freight

Upon receiving your Order and should your freight amount to anything over the above limits we will contact you directly before your Board is shipped to discuss.


We take all precautions to ensure our boards are packaged adequately. The first step we take is to thoroughly examine the Board and/or accessories to confirm they are defect free before packaging. We will then take drastic packaging measures to protect the board. This includes ensuring that the boards are all heavily bubble wrapped, hard cardboard is applied to the rails, tail and nose and additional cardboard pieces applied to the nose and tail for further protection. The boards are then placed into a solid cardboard box. We then fill the empty spaces in the box with bubble wrap and cardboard to reinforce the board. Once ready for shipping, the board is collected at the warehouse.

Freight – Warning: Risk Passes with property

Selecting the right courier agent is paramount to the protection of your Good(s) while in transit. It is understandable that this choice may not be so easy when each freight company offers different services, some with strengths and some weaknesses.

Alternatively, you can organise collection by yourself from our Warehouse.

Whatever your decision, we recommend that should a customer want to arrange their own freight to consider taking into account. but is not limited to:

  • Checking and comparing the company’s capabilities such as GPS tracking and inventory management;

  • Investigating all insurance details of each company;

  • Confirming the communication processes; and

  • Identifying the depot locations.

In doing so, you will be able to determine the right courier company that accommodates your needs. It would be time well spent to ensure that your agent delivers your Good(s) to the front door safe & sound.

Please be mindful that by selecting your choice of courier, it indicates that you agree delivery to you will occur once we hand over possession to your choice carrier. Title and risk of loss or damage with respect to your Good(s) will transfer to you upon delivery. For this reason we strongly recommend that you either independently arrange for the insurance of your Good(s) for their full value or purchase.

In no circumstance shall we cover:

4.1.  Loss or damage caused by delay;

4.2. Loss or damage caused by your misconduct, or intentionally caused by you or any other person acting with your expressed or implied consent;

4.3.  Loss or damage caused by wear and tear, ordinary leakage, ordinary loss in weight or volume or inherent vice;

4.4.  Loss or damage caused by the nature of the Goods;

4.5  Loss or damage caused by theft;

4.6  Loss or damage caused in instances where an authority to leave is given;

4.7. Loss of use or any other consequential loss to your Goods;

4.8.  Loss or damage caused by legal seizure of the Goods;

4.9. Reduction in value of the insured Goods due to repairs; or

4.10 Re-delivery fees for the insured Goods

Damaged Goods:

If you receive your consignment damaged, but the damage is not apparent at the time of initial delivery, then you must submit a claim no later than 2 days from the date of your delivery. If done so within this timeframe, it will be deemed to have occurred during the period of transit. Absolutely no consideration whatsoever will be given to damaged Goods where damage is notified and/or discovered 2 days after the delivery.

In the event of your Goods arriving with damage please contact us directly to discuss options. Any returning of products is done at Buyers expense only. We will endeavour to reach an agreement with you and will be there to help.