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Get involved join a stand up paddle club and where to go

So you have just brought your new board and are looking for some other like minded people to paddle with and enjoy the stoke that paddling brings then maybe look at joining one of the many great clubs in Australia.

If you are in to Racing, touring, SUP surfing or just just good old touring around with good friends then joining one of these clubs could be perfect for you. Below we will run though some of the best clubs in Australia and give links so if you are wanting to join it will make it super easy!!

Why join a club? which is a great question and beside all the insurance side of things that most clubs offer, we feel that a huge part of growth in Australia will come from all these great clubs as they put on all kinds of events from racing to surfing to the 100's of super fun social paddles that happen every year. It's a great way to meet new people who share the same interests as yourself and also gives you huge motivation to use your board as many times as possible. The clubs also help run many clinics and are all working towards growing Stand up paddle in a positive way and all make fun as the number one rule. 

BrisSUP Club

We will feature 4 clubs from around Australia that are going above and beyond at the moment and if you are in these areas then definitely look them up and see if it is something for you.

Stand Up Paddle WA (SUPWA) Perth


Perth run a slightly different set up with many pods set up and all seem to do a very good job but the one pod that seems to stand out is the Drum liners, headed up by a super fun bunch of guys and girls who love to downwind when the wind is on and run small Beach races when the wind is not. 

With some of the best conditions in the world for Downwind paddling Perth is really number one for conditions through the summer months and the Drum liners take good advantage of this. Mostly a racing club but all racing is down with a beer at the end and a good chat on the way back to get the cars after a fun day of paddling.

Link on facebook -

Sydney: SPSC

If you are in the Sydney area this is the club to be in.

Mostly surfing and racing and a huge amount of fun in between, they run alot of SUP surfing events and are very progressive in the 10ft plus area. Every event has a great BBQ at the end and never a bad word is said. The Sydney club has some of the worlds best paddlers that are at most events and these guys are always more than happy to share there knowledge which also helps the whole clubs level lift. 

Link on facebook -

Sydney Paddle Surfing Club

Melbourne: SUP Melbourne is only a new club and since it is still fairly new it is mostly targeted at fun events and just enjoying time on the water. You only have to check out their facebook page to see the fun you can have. Only a small club at the moment but definitely one that will grow over the next few years!!

Find them on facebook here -

Melbourne Club Social Paddle at Exhibition Centre

Now to the Largest SUP Club in Australia


BrisSUP,  now bris sup is with out doubt the biggest club in Australia, this very social club has some amazing waters to paddle and they take full advantage of this. They run some kind of fun paddle just about every weekend and it is suited for all levels . Everyone is super supportive and if you are only new to the sport then you will feel right at home from the very start. 

Bris sup also run some great fun races as well and also have a great attitude in supporting other events around Australia. 

Find Brissup on facebook -

This is only a very brief run over of these clubs and there are so many more in Australia that do amazing jobs, here is a list of all the other clubs in Australia so if you see one near you then give them a buzz as i am sure they would love to hear from you. 

If you are interested in Joining any of these clubs please click the facebook links to their pages and enquire directly with them.

If you are in South Australia you can also head to SASUP Club Inc here -

So what are you waiting for? Go join a Club now and get involved

Brissup - Coochie Classic Race

Brissup - Coochie Classic Race

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