Top 4 Locations for Foiling on the Gold Coast

Top 4 foil spots on the gold coast.

This is a list for someone wanting to see what the best the gold coast has to offer in the way of surf Foil locations. Now all the spots listed below are also surf spots and foiling is not recommended where other surfers are in the water so please use common sense when choosing your spot to foil.

Foiling beautiful Currumbin Alley

4: Gold coast beaches:

Now the joy with foiling is in most cases you want the waves that others don’t so don't always think you have to go to the points just because everyone else is, the whole gold coast has amazing beach breaks that on the higher tides are unreal for the foil so get out and explore as 100% you will find a perfect foil wave all to your self. 

Beaches work from no wind to light and if onshore you can always just drive further north or south to change the angle. 

3:  Kirra:

Yes one of the worlds best waves when it is on and this is NOT the time to foil but when it is small and the winds are light from the south Kirra offers some amazing foiling waves. Its a great spot to learn as it is always empty just north of the groins and in most cases it has a out side bank that runs into a deep gutter and before reforming into a shore break. Best size is 1 to 3 ft and zero wind to 15 knots South as this is off shore in this spot.

2: Spit:

Located at the northern end of the Gold Coast the spit is one of the only spots that is protected when the winds blow from the North. You can get some great rides with multiple peaks but the best is usually besides the sand pumping jetty. This can at times be crowded with surfers so please keep this in mind and if it is just head down the beach and find a peak to your self. 

Works best in a North wind and with swell zero to 3 ft, 

Ben Foil.jpg

1:TOP SPOT ! Currumbin:

This is a spot that really anything goes and lots of foils now also take to the line up. Currumbin is great in the way if you are learning you can just go further North on the point and get away from the main crowds and this is in most cases the best spot here for foiling. 

Waves can be crowded and lots of learners in the water so keep this in mind and go out here with a very open mind. 

Works best on the higher tides with zero wind or with the wind under 15 knots from the south. 

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